The Only Way To Solve This Problem Is To Contact iTunes

I wanted to buy an application in the App Store but when I was waiting for it to download, a message appeared saying that my Apple ID is disabled. I was shocked to see this and I sure did hate this message because it wouldn’t let me buy anything. Earlier, I did have an issue where there was a purchase made and I didn’t do it. So the disabled message was probably caused from the same hacker. I did change my password when that purchase was made, but when I noticed that my account was disabled; I knew I had to get this issue solved ASAP.

The first thing I did was go to the Apple Store, but they were no help because they told us that we had to contact iTunes Support. I researched their number because I thought it would be a real quick thing to solve but the lady told me that I had to send an e-mail to iTunes Support and tell them my situation. To save time, just search iTunes Support on Google or click here and then tell them about the situation you’re having. I did and it took about a week to get solved because of their working hours.

Once you tell them that your ID is disabled, they will ask for the last recent thing you’ve bought, your billing address, and if there were any other unexpected purchases.This problem got solved but it did take some time. When it was done, they said I had to change my password (again) and that was it. If you are having this problem and need to contact iTunes, then click here. If you want to know the phone number, hours, and e-mail, then click here.

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