You Can Check Out A Lot Of Things Like The Battery Percentage

The iPhone 4S and the iPod Touch (with iOS5) are amazing mobile devices that many people use today. I was curious to what these two devices can do and what secrets may lay beneath them. So I checked both of these devices out and I found some interesting things that some of us may have not noticed.

For the iPhone, there are many new features that most of us probably haven’t noticed. Here are some of the discoveries:

  1. Personal Hotspot- Use your phone as a personal hotspot and let others use your phone’s internet connection. Additional charges may apply.
  2. Siri- Go to settings, general, and then tap the Siri option. After you activate it, enjoy the free personal assistant
  3. Battery Usage- It tells you how much battery is on your iPhone. Just go to settings, general, usage, and then scroll down until you see battery percentage.
  4. Cellular Usage- Located in the usage section in your settings, it tells you how much you’ve used your cellular network data and how much call time etc.
  5. Custom Vibrations- Located in the accessibility section in your general settings, it allows you to assign unique vibration patterns to people in Contacts. You can change the default pattern for everyone in Sounds settings.
  6. Physical and Motor- Located in the accessibility section in your general settings, you can choose the route for incoming calls. There is also an assistive touch feature that allows you to use iPhone if you have difficulty touching the screen or if you require an adaptive accessory.
  7. Compass- This feature is a self made app that is automatically programmed in the iPhone. It is like any other compass and you can set it to True North or Magnetic North.
  8. Camera- The camera is the same as the iPod Touch except they give you a flash in your photos (if you turn it on).
  9. Voice messages- If you get tired txting all the time, you can go ahead and tap on the little microphone icon (in your keyboard) and all you have to do is speak the message. When you press done, it should appear on your txting bar.
  10. Google Maps- When you need to find a destination, turn your location on and you can use it as a GPS (shows the direction on where you’re going).
  11. Character Count- You can turn this feature on in your settings and go to messages. Scroll all the way down until you see the Character Count feature and turn it on. It shows how many characters you are using when you txt people.

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