Now On The iPhone And iPod Touch!

Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies has always been a blast in the App Store, but now there’s a new Black Ops Zombies game just for you. This game has recently just come out in the App Store but it isn’t the cheapest either. Compared to the Nazi Zombies game, it is $2 more (so the new game costs $6.99). The game only supports 3rd Generation devices and higher.

The Black Ops app is pretty neat. It is a zombie shooting type game and it also has other features that most applications don’t have. You can play solo or play with other users up to 4 people. It also has about 50 levels of a “Dead Ops Arcade” type of thing and you can use voice chat when you play with other people. The voice chat really gets the game more exciting and you actually get to hear the other players that you are playing with.

Like all the other games, you can earn achievements and customize your own character. Unlock maps and play on different lands. You can also customize the difficulty on how hard you want the game to be. They also said that they will keep updating this game with more exciting and fun things. If you are interested in this application, then click here.

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