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There are so many word games in the App Store and one of the biggest hits seem to be Hanging With Friends. This game is actually pretty addicting once you get started and playing with your friends make it a lot better than playing with a computer. There’s a free version and one that costs $1.99 but right now it is on sale for only $0.99. The creators of the application, Zynga, also created Words With Friends.

Hanging With Friends is very much like a game of hang man, but with a better twist. There are different avatar characters you can choose and you can also chat with your opponent that you are playing with. This game can take awhile when you play it because it goes back and forth to you and your opponent so you receive their word whenever they do. If you want to play with your friends, just log into your Facebook account and send them a word. This game takes strategy and you have to think about some tough words to stump your opponent.

You get five balloons (extra lives) and you don’t want them to pop. So try to solve as many words as you can and they won’t pop. When you guess someone’s word, you get eight strikes (sometimes you get four strikes). If you go to the main menu and tap on profile, there’s an option where it says help. For new members (like me), tap on that icon and it will tell you the basics on how to play this game. There are also power ups that can help you solve the words more but some of them cost with coins. You can earn more coins by paying for them or earning them naturally with your experience points. If you are interested in this game, click here to check it out.

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