Make Your Move...

Ever played the classic board game Scrabble? Words With Friends is very similar to that game, but it seems much better. You can play with friends that you know (connected to Facebook), random people, or your Twitter followers. This game is great for your brain and it’s a whole lot of fun! There are two versions and the only difference between them is the ads.

To get started, you should connect to your Facebook for better opponents or you can get started by tapping on create game. This will search for someone random (who wants to play too). Now time to think of some tough moves. That’s what this game is all about! If you don’t have a good word/move, then you won’t be ahead of your opponent or win the game. Placing a letter on a colored tile will boost your score up dramatically (depending what letter/action it does).

Words With Friends is just loads of fun and can get really addicting very easily. Interested in playing me? Type in Friskey545 when you tap on create game and then search your opponent by username. You can also shuffle your tiles that you have and swap them out (but swapping them out counts as one turn). Make your moves wisely!

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