The iPad Version Of Rage Comics!

Rage Comics is one of the most popular comics known all around the world. They are made by people like you and they are pretty entertaining to read. This application is free and very simple/easy to use. When you open the application, you will see all kinds of: featured, most recent, top rated, and you can favorite comics that you’ve enjoyed.

The illustration that Rage Comics uses is so funny that it makes this application a lot more enjoyable. Tap on a comic and then you can start reading them. In order to go to the next page of the comic, just swipe the screen with your finger. On the top right hand corner (while reading the comic), there’s an option to show full comic, share on Facebook, save image, or add to favorites. There are so many different comics to read and they are all pretty neat. Rage Comics are great to read when you have nothing else to do…

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