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The FML and MLIA websites have their own iPhone/iPad application available free in the App Store. They are basically real life stunts that have happened to all kinds of people. It’s usually funny and entertaining so many people use these applications as time wasters.

FML (F*** My Life) is an application that is more on the PG-13 side of applications. It talks about tons of things and one of them includes some sexual incidents. There are over thousands and thousands of postings from people and you can be one of them. All you have to do is just create an account with them, and then send them something that has happened to you. They go through everyone’s postings and if they like it then you may see yours on their website/application one day.

Soon You Will Be So Hooked You'll Say: Woah... I Read These For An Hour???

MLIA (My Life Is Average) is an application that is more appropriate than FML. Some people find this application happier and not as negative. But others do find this application not as great as FML. They are both very similar (on the style of the application) and you can also post your stories on this application as well. Since they are both free, why not just download both of them and then see which one you like the most. I enjoy them both and I hope you find some enjoyment on these apps as well.

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