Doodle With You're Friends!

Doodle Buddy is an application made from Pinger (same company known for free texting). This free application lets you doodle and draw stuff with wallpaper and friends. You can draw with other Doodle Buddy users and play games with them. It’s a very simple, but entertaining application. To connect with someone, open the app and look for the tools symbol (located on the bottom right). Look for the option that says “Draw With Another User.” Wait until they accept your request.

There’s more to this application than just doodling for fun. If you go and tap on extras, you can get other items and things that will make your Doodle Buddy experience better. In order to get any extras, you’ll have to get Doodle Bucks. They give you 170 to start with and you can get more by following the instructions they tell you to do (mainly signing up for other stuff). I like this application a lot especially with my friends. You can even chat with them while you’re playing/drawing.

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