Help Fund Arcade Extravaganza For The iPhone, iPad, and iTouch.

I have a dream and I want that dream to become a reality. I have the most brilliant idea of a game called Arcade Extravaganza that can be in the App Store, but I can’t do it without you. I’ve had this idea all written down in detailed description, but I need a developer.

That can’t happen without the funds we need for this brilliance. I want to show the world that I can do this. What is Arcade Extravaganza?

Arcade Extravaganza will consist of six games that you might find in an arcade or carnival. Over the last eight years or so of my life, I’ve always enjoyed the special times I spent with my family at carnivals and arcade rooms. I was unable to find an application that would give me those same great feelings, so I decided to create one.

We are going to begin by creating the application framework along with the first game called Stack Em Up (based on Stacker). Our research has shown there are similar games available, but don’t be fooled because our game will consist of 10 brand new creative and enhanced levels along with a prize redemption area. The remaining five games will be just as incredibly creative and enhanced as Stack Em Up. They are similar to: slam-a-winner, whistle stop, mountain ski ball/capsule craze, flaming finger, and carnival duck shoot game.

Our goal is to have a number one winning application among iDevice users. So we know we’ll have to create an application that blows the community away. To achieve this lofty goal we will be focusing on quality, reliability, stability, creativity, and fun.

Any additional funds will be used to complete the remaining five games. Arcade Extravaganza full version owners (lite version consists of only one level and will be free) will get the 5 additional games through free updates. We are also going to consider community improvements and suggestions. As a result, Arcade Extravaganza will be an iDevice community effort.

Please take time to check out my idea out and share it to as much people as you possibly can. Even that one dollar helps us out tremendously. Everything counts. Thank you.