This Story Has Amazing Description!

Wattpad is a website that has unlimited books written by other Wattpad users. They have a free application in the App Store so you can read these books right from your Apple device. They have all kinds of genres that you can read and it’s better than buying books from Barnes and Noble or Borders. These are all free books and they are all usually from people who love to write and have amazing stories. You can rate and comment each story that you read and tell the writer what you thought about their story.

You can also write a story of your own. You need to make a free account, but other than that you are good to go. You can browse through all kinds of books and favorite them. They show you the recommended books that people enjoy which makes finding new things a LOT easier. Connecting to your Facebook account lets you share the books that you’ve read. Go ahead and download this application now! Wattpad is known for the world’s largest community for discovering and sharing stories.

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