Are You Ready For This New Browser?

It seems like the iPhone and iPad are going to get their own versions of Google Chrome’s web browser. This will be an iOS version and it will be similar (duplicated) with the same features as the Android counterparts. Chrome iOS is a great upgrade for those people who use Safari a lot. This iOS application will implement tabbed browsing and quick-switching between the tabs. Another neat thing is that Google Chrome will provide autofill and login credential syncing across devices. Another thing you should know is that Chrome for iOS has a mode called “Incognito” which allows discrete browsing.

Safari is about to become history once Google Chrome for iOS gets noticed and working in action. There are so many things that this application can do compared to Safari. For example, you can search and naviage from the same box. Search results appear as you type. You can have unlimited tabs and scroll through them to find what you want. Sliding your finger from the edge of the screen switches the tabs. You can also long press a tab and drag it to a different position. You can sign into your Chrome account and it connects your device to your computer. You can browse in private with the Incognito option. It’s just way better than what Safari can do. What do you think about this? Do you like Google Chrome for iOS or Safari?

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