Talk, Text, Send Pictures, And Much More!

Voxer is a free application that allows your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch to talk to your friends so easily. The style is similar to a walkie talkie by tapping on a button to talk to your friend back and forth. You can also send them text messages (more of like instant messages) for free. You can do group chats, send photos, and connect with Facebook to hook up with more friends. This is one of the best applications in the App Store to use if you want an easy and quick phone type of application.

When you enter Voxer, you need to sign up or log in (and you can use Facebook for this). If you use Facebook, it will tell you what other friends are using Voxer and you can easily talk to them. This application is similar to Hey Tell if you think about it, but I like Voxer a bit better. This is all free to use, so go ahead and download this application in the App Store right now!

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