You Can Also Try Redeeming A Gift Card To Buy Things

When you first make your iTunes account, you have the ability to not put a credit card on file (by clicking on the “none” button near the other credit card company logos). If you don’t put a credit card on file, you can add one anytime. But once you do, you can’t take the credit card out of your account (unless you contact iTunes support). We had a credit card on one of our iTunes accounts and since the card got deleted, we had no use for it and we wanted to get it out of the account. It kept asking for a security code number, but whenever we did add it, it said it was invalid.

There was no point since the card was discontinued and because iTunes wants that social security number, we can’t download anything. Not even free applications, music, or updates for applications. This was very irritating, so we called Apple and they tried helping us. It turned out that we had to contact iTunes support by e-mailing them. They said that the problem should be solved in about two days. But if you have any problems with iTunes and billing information, don’t waist anymore time and just contact iTunes support by clicking here.

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