Get The Option To Have No Credit Card On File And Use iTunes Gift Cards Instead!

My sister’s account was having some technical difficulties which lead to situations such as not allowed to purchase anything (even free things). This was because her social security card number wasn’t being accepted. We discontinued the card and they wanted us to put in the social security number, but since we discontinued it, it wouldn’t accept that accurate number. If this happens to you, here’s a way to solve this problem.

We tried getting no credit cards on her account so they were not on file, but we had to get that problem solved first. So if this happens to you, you need to put a different credit card in (replacing that old one on the account) and then it will make your account all normal again (purchasing wise). Once you have that new card on file, you can go ahead onto iTunes (on your computer) and click on “Account.” Once you do that, you would need to go ahead and click “Edit” where the credit card section is. They will show you different options for credit cards and then they will have a button that says “None.”

After clicking on that option, you will have no credit cards on file and your account will be the way you want it. If you do want to buy things and not use your credit card, just purchase an iTunes gift-card and you can do it that way without using your credit card. If you have a question, then click here and I will be most glad to help you out in any way.

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