Here's Some Facts About Apple With Their Ups!

Almost everyone knows what Apple is and what they are famous for. They use to be nothing and now they are way beyond something. They are going above and beyond their comfort zone and it reflects it with the results that they are getting. Because of their extreme products (like the iPad and the iPhone), they just keep getting more and more income and so many people are taking a liking to their products. People keep hopping all over the place to get a new device that they release now and then (like the iPhone 5). Apple has over millions of dollars and they keep sky rocketing with waves of money.

Investors and analysts are thinking that Apple will hit over $1 trillion in the year 2015. Better quality products keep coming and this attracts more people leading to many sold Apple products. Because of this, the $1 trillion may come sometime around August 16th 2013. Some people think this may or may not happen. But with the iPhone 5 coming out and thousands trying to get their hands on it, anything is possible. What do you think? Will Apple be worth over a trillion dollar company at all?

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