It Gives Everything A New Look For The Better...

When we find out there’s a new iOS program, we just usually download it and not even read/know about what it’s about. I want to tell you what this program can actually do and how it is something we should all be excited about. Having an upgrade to anything should be a great experience and this is something that all Apple users should download when they can.

Usually, Apple is good about sending out a message asking if you’d like to download the new iOS programs (like iOS 6). Because of iCloud, you don’t actually have to plug your mobile device into your computer and sync it into iTunes. After you have the new iOS 6 downloaded, you probably may not notice that much, but really there are some huge benefits with iOS 6.

Some of the new things that they’ve added make everything seem so much better/cool. For example, if you go into your music or even the App Store, they’ve changed how the designs use to look. When you download an application, it will show you the progress on how far it’s downloaded without exiting the App Store. They’ve also added Genius, so it can be easier to find applications that suite you. It also doesn’t ask for your password when downloading applications (unless they cost), but they do ask for it every once in a while. For the people who didn’t have the iPhone 4S, this upgrade (to the new iOS 6) gives you Siri.

They’ve also added an application called Passbook which is basically an application that lets you store all your passes in one place. This includes boarding passes, tickets, store cards, and coupons. It takes you to the App Store so you can download applications that do stuff like that. The downfall about the new iOS 6 is that they’ve taken out the YouTube application and now you have to download the official application in the App Store. It’s free (unless you have an iPad it costs some unless you download the iPhone version). You could also use Safari if you want to watch YouTube videos.

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