The iPad Mini Is Available In Both Black And White

On November 2nd, 2012, Apple officially announced that the iPad Mini was ready to the public. First of all we have to know what this new device brings and second if it’s even worth it. Here are some key pointers about this brand new mobile device.

Its name iPad Mini definitely means something. They’ve pretty much took the original iPad and just made it a bit smaller (similar to the style of the iPhone 5). It’s not as wide, but if anything taller with a beautiful 7.9-inch display. The iPad Mini still has the standard 10 hour long battery life, FaceTime, fast performance, camera, and thousands of applications. Applications that are compatible with the original iPad also work with the iPad Mini.

This device has a faster response compared to the regular iPad. It has an ultra-fast connection (when connecting it to wireless) and downloading stuff will be done in less than seconds. Along with better connection, the iPad Mini also gives you better retina display. With the new A6X chip and other fast improvements (including accessing to many cellular data networks around the world), this iPad Mini will out beat the original iPad.

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