Along With Music, This Also Works For Your Movies Too.

Last night I got some new music and haven’t put it on my iPod Touch yet. I decided that since it’s all on my computer, why not just home share it? So I gave it a try and when I went to my music library (and tapped the “more” button), I noticed that the “share” option was nowhere to be found. I did some research and it seemed like all kinds of people with an updated iOS 6 are having this problem, but that isn’t the source to the problem.

I called up Apple Tech Support and they told me all of the basic things on getting home sharing to work. Like make sure you are connected to the same wireless internet that your computer is on (this also includes iPhone and iPad being connected to the Wi-Fi). Or to make sure that home sharing is actually turned on. They also told me to check (in my settings under the music section) if the home sharing account was logged in correctly and it was. Because I had all of this done and still nothing, they told me to log out and log back in. Still nothing, so they told me that I had to go ahead and uninstall my iTunes software completely.

If this didn’t work, I’d have to call back, but apparently it did. In order to uninstall everything, you need to follow the directions here. You HAVE to FOLLOW EACH STEP exactly as it is told, or else it won’t work. The only problem I had with this was that it wouldn’t get rid of my “Apple” folder. If you can’t get rid of it using Windows, then you’d have to boot you’re computer in safe mode and use the DOS command prompt. Keep following the instructions after that and then install iTunes again. Uninstalling iTunes won’t lose any of your music or anything in your iTunes library. It’s all good and that was how I was able to get my home sharing to work.

If home sharing still doesn’t work, then you are going to need to unplug your router and wait at least for ten seconds. Plug it back in and make sure that all devices are connected to the internet. Still have a problem? Turn the Apple devices on, wait for ten seconds, and turn them back on. This should do the trick. By the way if you are a guest, you wouldn’t want to miss out on an awesome application that iTouch Tech Talk is creating called Arcade Extravaganza. You can sign up from my VIP List by clicking here or you can check it out and learn more about this special application by clicking here.