Let Your App Deal With The Best...

The Apple Market is just filled with fascinating devices that give us the entertainment/tools we desire. Most of this is from the applications that we buy from the App Store. Some of us may be interested in getting an application developed, but just don’t know how and what to expect when it comes to developing it. Development takes about 6 months (usually) and you would want that wait to be worth it. Here are some tips on how to choose the best app developer just for you.

Before you start looking for a developer, you need to know why you are developing the app, who your audience will be, and if it is the best on your reach to your target market. A suggestion would be to think about what your app will NOT be about. To have a successful app is to take 5% of what may be possible for a desktop experience and then putting it into a very easy to deal with app. Three things you should consider to your app developer is to ask: what is the key benefit that the user will get from the app, what other apps are competitive and will make mine the best out of them all, and what will the app do for your business. This can help with making your app the very best.

When developing the application, put what you want and what others would enjoy. Go ahead and ask the developer “how do we do this?” or “Is it possible on the iPhone?” Questions like these will be good to see if the developer can solve complex issues or think of greater things. Make sure you know what the app will do, how it’s going to function, if you want updates, how much you want to charge for the app, and the budget/price you are willing to pay for the app. Having a decent developer creating your app can be pretty expensive (like up to $10k-100k). You may be able to make some type of deal, but it’s pretty expensive stuff.

To find your developer, you can go ahead and search on Google. If you have a small project, you can go ahead and search Craigslist (they are perfect). There are other sites like Cocoa Heads and Freelancer. Once you’ve found a developer, LOOK AT EXAMPLES THAT THEY’VE DONE! This will show you what kind of quality and effort they put into their work. Go for an experienced developer because having someone brand new doing the job can become a very regretful decision (takes longer, costs your time, etc.). You also need to communicate with your developer easily. If they aren’t willing to communicate you, then find someone else.

Stick to deadlines. This will help your development go along smoothly (and not take longer to make). There’s usually detailed discussion (talking about existing requirements), initial implementation (deadline for initial version of app), final implementation (releasing the app), and support (developer should provide 3-8 weeks support once app is launched). DO NOT RUSH ANYTHING during when trying to make an app. Rushing can make you forget things or mess things up. Just make a timeline to organize things and not rush anything.

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