I found a video that shows this neat little trick. It actually allows you to get into the phone without needing the passcode. This works for iOS 6.1 but it didn’t show about any other previous iOS programs. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, then don’t do it. It’s nice to know how it works though.

First you want to slide to unlock and hit the “emergency” button. Once you’re there, you want to hold down the power button like you’re actually going to turn it off, but clicking the “cancel” button instead. The top area (where your time, service bars, and power bar shows) should be blue (instead of black). After that, you want to type 911 but then quickly cancel it so it didn’t go through and actually call anyone. Turn the screen off (by pressing the power button once) and then slide to unlock.

The next step is to hold the power button for three seconds and as soon as you’re on the third second, you want to hit the “emergency” button (while holding the power button still). This unlocks the phone without any passcode and you can view anything through the phone, but you HAVE TO HOLD DOWN ON THE POWER BUTTON THE ENTIRE TIME. If you don’t, it will shut off again and you’ll be back from where you started. Here’s the video if you want to watch it:

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