Do You Think You're Going To Enjoy This Change?

Apple has decided to give us a huge change in the world programming and designing. With the new iOS 7 that’s coming out soon, things are definitely going to change. They’ve decided to go for an “elegant” glass like look which makes everything seem to appear crystal clear and absolutely amazing to the human eye. Beta testers are trying this new iOS system now and won’t be available to everyone else until later in the Fall of 2013. This new upgrade will be available to any mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) that are the fourth generation devices.

Are you excited for this to happen? What do you think of this new feature that they have for us soon? By the way if you are a guest, you wouldn’t want to miss out on an awesome application that iTouch Tech Talk is creating called Arcade Extravaganza. You can sign up from my VIP List by clicking here or you can check it out and learn more about this special application by clicking here.