What Wondrous Videos Have You Seen/Recorded?

Everyone has probably heard of Vine someway somehow and I’m here to tell you about it a little bit more. This application is designed to let other people post short videos of things that happen in their life. Sometimes they are funny clips that they want to share to the world and then other times they can be meaningful memories. You have to sign up first either with a Twitter account or E-mail in order to make and watch Vine videos.

All you have to do is to tap the camera icon to begin recording your famous scenes! You have to press down and hold the screen to record the audio and video. There are also different camera angles that you can do along with frame lengths. Along with that, a progress bar tells you how much time you have to record. Once you are done recording, you can share the video onto Twitter and Facebook.

Do you enjoy using this Vine application? And how is it any different from the other video recording applications out there? Comment below explaining what you think! By the way if you are a guest, you wouldn’t want to miss out on an awesome application that iTouch Tech Talk is creating called Arcade Extravaganza. You can sign up from my VIP List by clicking here or you can check it out and learn more about this special application by clicking here.