Are You Ready To Deal With What It Takes?

Ready to fly away? Flappy Birds is a smartphone application developed for all kinds of devices; one of them being the iPhone and iPod Touch.  This application is free and very straight forward. Get the small winged bird across the Mario like tubes. The longer you can last, the higher score you will achieve. This game doesn’t seem very hard, but it sure is a challenge. Even the slightest touch can make you lose this simple game and then you’ll have to start all over again.

There aren’t any cheats to this game for now. As they upgrade the application and give it better features, there may be some easier ways to go. Who knows though? They might decide to keep the game at its simple feature or upgrade it with more complexities. The highest score I’ve gotten so far is 19, but some people have gotten up to 30! I’ve only played this game several times (it’s still brand new to me) and it just relies on the timing for tapping on the screen to let the bird fly. Usually when people first play Flappy Birds, they always miss on their first try… What is your highest score and how long did it take you to get to where you are?

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