Arcade Extravaganza is a game application for the iTouch, iPhone, and iPad. This application will have 6 games in one app and they are similar to: Stacker, Whistle Stop, Slam-A-Winner, Mountain Ski Ball/Capsule Craze, Flaming Finger, and Carnival Duck Shoot. Arcade Extravaganza is not completed yet and that’s where you come in. You see, we need $6,000 in 60 for this application and we are crowd funding it using GoFundMe. Crowd funding is where a community of people come together and donate money to a project that they like and want it to succeed. The thing about GoFundMe is that this project will keep going even if we do meet our goal which means we will improve this app so much more! It also means when we meet our $6,000 goal, we can get even more money besides $6,000 to complete the other 5 games.

How Much Will You Donate?

We need everyone’s help even if it means to spread the word. I recently sent out several messages to successful crowd funding projects relating to what I’m doing and one of them donated $50.00. All the others just gave me a stupid answer and that was it. I was really surprised when he donated $50.00 and if he can donate that much, then you can donate at least $5.00. Arcade Extravaganza will become a #1 quality application and we can’t do it without your help. We need the money to finish the graphics, features, gaming, and other exciting things for the game. You can help us right now by donating at least $1.00 to this project and I know you can do it. Please SPREAD THE WORD to all of your friends, family, people you work or go to school with, and anyone else you may know. Donate to Arcade Extravaganza now!

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