Not only did iTouch Tech Talk create the first crowd funding application called Arcade Extravagana, but we are the first people to help the world by donating 10% of all sales to feed the hungry. Let me tell you more about Arcade Extravaganza and what we mean by the first application to be crowd funded. You see, Arcade Extravaganza is an application for the iTouch, iPhone, and iPad. We have already completed the main menu for Arcade Extravaganza but now we need to complete the whole application itself.

Arcade Extravaganza Will Bring Happiness Not Only To You, But To Everyone In The World

We are crowd funding Arcade Extravaganza by using GoFundMe. GoFundMe allows you to make dreams come true by gathering a community of people so they can come together and donate to projects that they like and want to succeed. Our goal is $6,000 in 60 days and we need your help! With only a limited amount of time we need your help to complete Arcade Extravaganza as fast as possible. Arcade Extravaganza will have 6 games total once it is finished and we are going to add the other games as updates. These games are very similar to: Stacker, Whistle Stop, Slam-A-Winner, Mountain Ski Ball/Capsule Craze, Flaming Finger, and Carnival Duck Shoot. We are committed to make the best application just for you and that’s why we need all the money we can get.

Not only will we put the money into this application, but we are going to give 10% of the extra money to feed the hungry. We are also going to give 10% of all sales towards this application to feed the hungry as well. We want to help the world as we want to serve you. iTouch Tech Talk has contacted lots of corporations that you may know like Target, Walmart, etc. Arcade Extravaganza needs anything possible even if you can donate at least $5 too.

Help make Arcade Extravaganza become a #1 quality application with your help by spreading the word to your friends and donating $5 to this application so it can become the best in the world. We are going to give you the best graphics, features, gaming, and so much more with the help of everyone in the world. Go donate to Arcade Extravaganza right now!

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