Yes, you heard me. Arcade Extravaganza is not only an amazing application, but it will last you a lifetime. iTouch Tech Talk has finally put up our first press release about Arcade Extravaganza and we need all the help we can possibly get. This application is not only the first crowd funding application, but it will be the first application that will give away 10% to all of its lifetime sales to feed the hungry. Even though I’m just a thirteen year old girl trying to make my dream come true, I want other people to be happy as well.

I already have everything done like what games will be in this application, how things will work and all of the drawings. The only thing that is keeping us from completing the first game (Stack Em Up) is the money and that’s why we are crowd funding it. You can become a hero and help support Arcade Extravaganza by donating even $5.00 to this amazing application that I have wanted to create and complete for months now. When you donate and help complete the first game for Arcade Extravaganza, you will get the full application for free which includes 6 games. Now that’s one heck of a deal right there and with your support, you will be helping me, a young girl with a dream, with an incredible application that will never disappoint you.

We are committed to make a #1 quality application just for you. We need your support immediately so we can finish the graphics, features, gaming, and so much more so we can give you the best application that you have ever downloaded your entire life. The 5 other games that will be in the application will be added later as updates but Stack Em Up will be the first to show you how incredible this will be. The games are all similar to: Stacker, Whistle Stop, Slam-A-Winner, Mountain Ski Ball/Capsule Craze, Flaming Finger, and Carnival Duck Shoot. Even though there will be six games in all, we will be adding levels and more mini games so you won’t ever wish for another update again.

Go help out Arcade Extravaganza and become a hero. Again, not only will you be helping us make the first incredible application in the whole world, but you will be supporting the hungry as well. We know that the economy is in bad shape and that this time in life is pretty hard but by donating even $5 will mean more smiles for the world which will help us out tremendously. So what are you waiting for? Help fund Arcade Extravaganza now or you’ll be sorry.