Today we did a car wash to help fund Arcade Extravaganza. The car wash was so fun and we are expecting to do it again! Some people didn’t even want their car washed and decided to donate a few spare dollars. We counted the money and we have a total of $85.00 which made me so happy. In case if you didn’t know yet, Arcade Extravaganza is an iTouch, iPhone, and iPad application that will just blow you away.

We are crowd funding this application and we can’t do it without you. There are six games that will be in the application total and these games are similar to: Stacker, Whistle Stop, Flaming Finger, Slam-A-Winner, Mountain Ski Ball/Capsule Craze, and Carnival Duck Shoot. Right now we are currently working on Stacker and will add the other five games as updates later on. We are also giving away 10% to all sales to feed the hungry and you can become a part of this too. Help us out now, you won’t be sorry!

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