Your search of free texting is over! Using TextPlus will be very useful and you don’t have to pay for anything. The application is free and very simple to use. The contacts that you have are already on TextPlus so you don’t have to keep manually type the phone numbers as long as you have that person as a contact phone number. Using TextPlus is very cool, it notifies you if you have any new messages from anyone and you can text people not only from their cell phone but with someone that has an IPod Touch as long as they have TextPlus as well.You can even text more than one person which are called “groups.”

This Is What It Looks Like When You Are Having A Conversation With Someone

TextPlus can only be active if you have internet. I recommend this app because all the others like Textfree from Pinger, Inc. Pinger Inc. is a great company but they only give you about fifteen messages per day. Textfree is unlimited and you can text all carriers but Metro PCS and Cricket is not yet supported. So if you really want to get something else related to texting then you should try Textfree Lite and then if you like the lite version then buy their unlimited version for only $5.99 which is quite expensive . You only get a year’s worth of the unlimited and then you have to pay another fee if you like the expensive app so much. If you are looking for a totally FREE application then try out TextPlus created by GOGII they are totally legit! Enjoy!

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