I was watching a video on my iPhone 4 and I noticed that I couldn’t hear it that well. On the bottom of my phone there are two speakers (or at least I thought) and I only heard the sound coming from one of them. The right side only had the sound coming out of it and the left speaker was giving me no sound at all. I thought that my phone was defective or broken and I just got it too! But in a shocking estate, it was perfectly fine. In fact, the iPhone only has one speaker (at the bottom right)  for you to hear and the left side that looks like another speaker, is actually a microphone for you to talk when you are calling someone etc. There is also another speaker on the top of the iPhone right next to the audio plug in (where you plug in your headphones).

iPhone 4 Sound and Microphone

There's The Sound And The Microphone

This shocked me as I thought that there were two speakers on the bottom of the iPhone. I thought that Apple would give me an even better sound quality on my iPhone 4 by giving me two speakers but it is just like the iPod Touch 4. On the iPod Touch, there is a speaker on the bottom left hand side. The iPhone has the speaker on the opposite side (the right). Sometimes people can’t hear anything coming from that one speaker that they have. This can be caused if you plug in some headphones into the phone and if you take them out. Sometimes it thinks that it still has the headphones in the iPhone or you can say it “forgets” which mode it is in. If this is the case, then plug the headphones back in and take them out again and try the speaker’s sound out. Usually this will solve the problem.

If this problem still occurs, then there are still two other options that you can try. Go ahead and reset your iPhone by holding down the power button and the big black button until the Apple appears when you turn on the device. Try the sound out again by watching a video of some sort or go ahead and listen to your music. If this solution doesn’t work for you, then restore the iPhone. Before restoring the iPhone, I would sync all my stuff that I from my iPhone into my iTunes so I won’t lose that much stuff and I can just sync all of it back again after the restore. If you don’t want to try that (it can be hassle), then just go to your nearest Apple Store and they will check your iPhone. They will tell you what is going on and might even give you a new one or fix it there.

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