Everyone loves to get free stuff so why get it when you can? This is a simple and easy way on how to get free ringtones onto your iPhone. First you need to download the “Ringtone Maker-make free ringtones” app but you can just search: Ringtone Maker and it is the one created by Zentertain Ltd. There are many free ringtone applications but I think this one is the best. This app is free and easy to use when it comes to adding and putting your ringtones on.

This Is What Making Your Ringtone Looks Like

After you’ve downloaded this app, open it up and it will ask you to select a song in your music library. Select a song and then it will take you to another option where you can “create” and preview your ringtone. It automatically starts your ringtone in the beginning of the song. If you don’t like that, then you can always start it at a different part of the song. Press the play button to hear what your ringtone will sound like and if you want, you can take off the fade in fade out feature but with it sounds cool. You can also make the ringtone shorter but the longest is 30 seconds.

Right above the save icon, there’s a button that says advanced. If you tap on it then it will ask you to upgrade to the paid version. If you tap “later” then you get to preview all of the different features that it has. Some of them are really cool and the others are just plain old funny. If you want them, then you’ll have to upgrade. When you are done with creating your ringtone, press the save button and it is ready for iTunes file sharing so when you sync in your iPhone, it will appear. If you need help on how to put your ringtones on, then watch the help video by pressing the help button. Enjoy!

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