I got an iPhone 4 recently and I was so happy. I got mine from Verizon but I noticed that the battery was going down really quickly compared to my friend’s iPhone 4. We both put it on standby to test how fast the battery was going and mine was draining faster. We were going to get it replaced since it was less than 14 days, but I was wondering what the average time of the battery was on the iPhone 4 (it lasts about at least a day). When I was typing “iPhone” (in the google search engine), a 5 appeared right next to the word underneath the search bar (like when it shows quick searches that are popular).  I tapped it because it caught my attention. I thought it was one of those scams saying that an iPhone 5 was coming out but really, believe it or not, Apple is making an iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 keyboard

The iPhone 5 Might Have A Slide Keyboard!

There are some changes that they are adding. One of them is that the iPhone 5 will be on 4G network so everything will be so much faster when using the internet, watching videos, etc. FaceTime will be used with the 3G network instead of using the internet all the time. This will give you smoother and better quality video calls wherever you go. Apple might also add a slide up keyboard to this iPhone but then they said that they are going to make it thinner than the iPhone 4 right now. But they want to make the screen a little bigger so you can watch movies with a bigger screen. There might also be an iPhone in white so if you want a different color then you’re in luck. There are so many other things that Apple can add or is adding to this new and improved device. Hopefully this will be the best Smartphone out there.

Some people think it’s too early to make another iPhone, but it’s actually been around for a while now. AT&T was the 1st phone company to have it and then all the other servers (like Verizon and T-Mobile) are or going to get it. The iPhone 5 is coming out sometime in June but Verizon might have it next year in Febuary (that’s a full year of selling the iPhone 4). It might come in September of this year depending on how fast they make it. This new gadget will be out and ready by this summer so if you get the iPhone 4 now, then you are going to have to wait when your contract ends then you can have your iPhone 5!

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