Skee- Ball is the best bowling game I have ever played on my Itouch! This game reminds others about the good old times and memories. Skee-Ball is created by Freeverse, Inc. and this game will be one of your best addictive games that you have on your IPod Touch. This game is like what you see at an arcade and its lots of fun for all ages! Even though this game is $0.99, you can listen to your music while playing on this app which is pretty cool.

All you have to do is just flick with your finger and your ball will fly high in the sky! This game has a tilting option which helps if you want to get the 100. With enough skill in your games, you can get tickets and redeem for prizes. These prizes go into your loot file which you can always check out anytime. *Tip*: you want to make sure you check out the redeem zone because sometimes there are 100 tickets that you can get and it really helps you with the prizes that you would like to redeem.

Skee-Ball With An Upgraded Ball In Play

The balls that cost a lot are really popular and are better when you use in your games. You want to upgrade your Skee-Ball so you can get a better score, they do have some pretty good designs too. Your loot is pretty interesting to look at and you can share what you got with your friends and brag about it too. *Tip*: In order to get the 100 a lot all you have to do is tilt your device to the right and then throw your ball not so hard or not so light (you’ll get use to it). Try to beat your high score it will give you more tickets and it’s quite a challenge. This classic game is fun for everyone and it reminds me of the good old Ski-Ball. =)

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