When I got my Verizon Wireless iPhone 4, I was so happy and excited about it! In fact I thought that everything was just perfect about it until I noticed something… My FaceTime on my Verizon iPhone 4 wasn’t working. This really bothered me and I wanted to fix this. After lots of exploring and irritation, I finally got it to work. I’ve also noticed that I’m not the only one who has had this same problem. I figured out the solution to this problem and I want to share it with you.

Everybody wants to do the simplest things first when trying to solve any problem. This is what you should do first to see if this fixes your FaceTime issue. Go to your settings and then scroll down until you see the phone icon. Tap it and when your FaceTime says off, tap on and then restart the iPhone by pressing the power button and the big black button at the same time until you see the white apple. Go back to Settings–>Phone–>FaceTime and then if it still says off then go to restrictions and see if it’s enabled.

This Is What I Mean When I Mentioned The On/Off Button

Usually those two options don’t work and if they don’t then here’s where you really need to pay attention.  Sync your iPod Touch in your computer and make sure it is the updated to the latest version and back it up and make sure it syncs. When that is all done, take it out and plug your iPhone in the computer. Don’t let it sync (so slide to cancel) and restore it. Make sure that you restore it as a new device or else this will not work! Yes this will erase all the applications and music that you had on your iPhone from the old backup but don’t worry you will still get everything on there as long as you followed the first step on syncing your iTouch in first! Then when the restore is done, go ahead and sync your iPhone in again and this time it will read it as an iPhone and not an iPod Touch.

Now all you have to do is sync in all of your applications, music, videos, and whatever else you want to put in. If you have a lot of music and you want as much space as you possibly can, then go to the iPhone options screen (it appears only when you plug in your device) and then you should see a picture of your iPhone and some information along with how much memory you have on left on it. Scroll down until you see some options with check mark boxes right next to them like: Open iTunes when this iPhone is connected, Sync only checked songs and videos, etc. One of them should say: “Convert higher bit rate songs to 128 kbps AAC” or something very similar to that and checkmark it. This will give you more room on your iPhone which means you will have more space. This takes such a long time and this is the main reason when I said that this took me like 3 days to do because of how long it would convert my music. This is recommended for your iPhone especially for people who have the 16GB so you have more room.

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