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The Classic Monopoly Game For Your iPhone And iPod Touch

This Game Is So Much Fun!

Everyone plays this on a game board but now you can play it anywhere on your iPhone and iPod Touch. Just for $0.99, you can have this fun and awesome experience. Instead of taking hours trying to finish this game, you can save it and go back to it anytime. You can play up to four different people or you can play with the computer. If someone else has this game, you two can connect and play a wireless game. When playing with the computer, you can choose the difficulty and choose what playing piece you want by tapping on the piece. You can also fix the game setup and change some things around to this game. Read more

Best Piano Application For Your iPhone And iPod Touch

Lots of people love to listen to music even if it is just from one instrument like the piano. There is a really cool piano application that I love and use a lot. Magic Piano will keep you busy all day and all night from playing all of the songs that they have in this app. It is free and you can download free songs too but you can download better songs if you want. In order to download these better songs, you have to buy Smoola (which is like points to download some songs). They give you 30 to start out with but you can buy packs of Smoola (like 200 for $2.99 ect.). I don’t buy the Smoola because I just play the free downloads that they give you every day. I have over 50 free songs now because I’ve been downloading the free song of the day.

To Change The Pitch (For The Sound), Just Drag Or Pinch The Screen Below The Keys

Their main menu has options to play Solo (freestyle), Songbook (find songs to play), World (listen to other people with this app), and My Piano (which allows you to go to your account and settings). The Solo has different types of pianos that you can play on.  Read more

Make Classic Films Using Silent Film Director In The App Store

Here Are Some Of The Top Movies In The Contest

There are many fun and entertaining applications out there in the App Store. This one is my favorite because you can record videos and turn them into some old fashion classic movie. It’s so cool and fun for the whole family. Silent Film Director is only $0.99 and sometimes it is free. My family and I always have a blast with this application and you can even put them up on YouTube or put your video in a contest that they have. You can upload other videos that you’ve recorded or take a new video. There are many different effects that you can do and lots of soundtrack music that you can add. You can add words to your video (like in the classic days) but that’s only if you upgrade and that costs $1.99. Read more

Fun Games For iPhone And iPod Touch Super Monkey Ball

Be Careful When You Control This Little Guy

This game is a lot of fun and it’s pretty famous in the App Store. I’ve always seen Apple have this game show up on their advertising for the iPod Touch. Super Monkey Ball is easy to play and all you have to do is tilt your device. There are 110 levels and 5 different worlds to play and you get all of this just for $2.99. I think $3 is a little expensive but sometimes this game does go on sale so keep a look out. I love this game for the 3D graphics that it has and how fun the levels are. You can play the main game, play instantly (which lets you do some random levels), practice, look at the rankings for each world, and check out the options. If you need help just tap the little question mark and you can go through the tutorial. Read more

Bounce On The Best Adventure Game For iPhone And iPod Touch

There Are Secrets All Over The Land. All You Need To Do Is Find Them...

Bounce On is about a little red bouncy ball that fell out of his buddy’s pocket. Now he is lost and wants to go home to his owner. This is where the adventure starts in this fantastic game. There is a lite verison that you can try out but the application costs $1.99 but goes on sale sometimes. What’s cool about this game is that you can have up to three profiles so two other people can play this game. This is good if you have siblings or children who want to play this game too. Collect gems to earn more points but if you collect them in a certain amount of time, then you can get a gold medal that way too. Read more

Soosiz: One Of The Greatest Platform Games On The iPhone And iTouch

Using The Magnifying Glass Can Let You See Everything Including Secrets

Soosiz is like one of the most amazing games that I’ve ever played. It also has lots of great graphics and smooth animations. People love great designing and effects in an application, even if you don’t realize it. That’s how games are a lot of fun and this is like number one quality in all of those categories. There are 7 worlds with 65 levels. There are even bosses to beat and there are secrets in this game that can be tricky to find. It also lets you listen to your iPod music that is currently playing. This game costs $1.99 but sometimes it goes on sale so keep an eye out. With so many levels and a wonderful story to it, this game sure is worth the $2. If you want to try it out then download the lite version first but I know for a fact that you will be addicted to this game. Read more

Coin Drop For Your iPhone And iPod Touch

Sometimes You Can Achieve The 3 Star Goal Without The Coin Frenzy

This game is really fun and very cool. It is one of those coin drop games but with a twist to it. This game is only $0.99 which is a great deal for such a great game. Coin Drop has over 75 levels and they update regularly so there will be more! On their main menu, you can check out more applications that Full Fat has made by tapping the red “F” on the right bottom of the screen. On the bottom left of the screen is where you can reset the game, allow the volume, see the credits, or Game Center achievements. If you beat all of these worlds that the game provides you, then you will have to just wait for the next update.

They teach you how to play this game by starting out in the classroom area. Get the enemies for extra points and try to drop the coin so it hits a lot of things around it for getting a higher score. When a spot lights up, dropping a coin in it will give you extra points and if you do that to all of them then you get a coin frenzy which rains 5 coins. Hitting the red dots (and turning them green) will get you more points this way too. The better you do in these levels will allow you to unlock more levels in the future. Getting three stars in each level is the best thing. All you have to do is try and get a score up to whatever it tells you to. Tapping on little objects that are (sometimes) there can get you extra points sometimes. Getting all of the blue coins will give you 1,000 points. Read more

Air Penguin For The iPhone And iPod Touch

The Polar Bear Has Many Advantages Like Dodging The Obstacles

Air Penguin is hotter than Tiny Wings and topping Angry Birds as what Kotaku (a critic) said. I agree because at first I wasn’t so sure about this game but when I downloaded the free version, I was hooked from the start. This game is only $0.99 and has wonderful graphics and game play. All you have to do is jump, fly, and dodge through Antarctica just by tilting your iPod Touch. Change to different characters (like a girl penguin and a polar bear). Collecting fish will give you more points and it is like money so you can spend it in the shop. If you go to the shop, they give you 50 fish for free as a gift for you. When you play the game and you lose, you can also pay using your fish to get items. Depending on the item, it will help you not die when you would’ve. Like if you got the shark one, then instead of the shark ending the level, you get a second chance. Read more

Icy Escort: How To Beat Can’t Go Down Again

Here’s another one of my videos on how to beat level 38 on Icy Escort. If you have any other questions on how to beat a then comment on the bottom. I will be happy to make you a video just for you.

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Fun Games: Line Birds In The App Store Now

Every Seed You Get Will Give You More Abilities

Bird games are what people seem to like because if you look on the Top 25 charts, there are all kinds of bird games on there. Line Birds is one of them and it is addicting and very fun to play. I got this application for free but right now it is $0.99.  You can unlock different birds, change difficulty levels, have different special abilities, and so much more. The main objective to this game is to get the bird as far as you can go. This is how you unlock different birds (depending on how long you last). The main menu tells you how to play the game but all you have to do is just hold on the screen for the bird to fly up. This game can get really tricky but it’s fun at the same time. Read more

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